If only I had two lifetimes

I really do wish that I could ride my bike around the world forever, and just
see/try/do/say/sing/eat/hear/feel/experience something new everyday.

Call me crazy, but part of me hates having to work toward an exact goal. There’s so much out there, I just want to immerse myself in the possibilities.

Luckily I have my constant mechanical mishaps to maintain, and my never ending bike build to keep me company when my mind wonders like that.

A second wind

After thrashing every side of my bike, and replacing damn near every part over the past five yeas I’ve finally started to properly restore my girl.

Born a 2006 Suzuki Gs500f, fully faired and all it’s goofy glory.
I never was very fond of the stock plastics. Seeming as if they were just cheap wanna-be GSXR plastics. But slightly more lacking in the ascetics department than even that.
Naturally I ripped off every bit of plastic after high siding, and low siding around 3 times. Both sides were road rashed past repair. Thus came the realization of the beauty of this machine underneath the poorly designed fairings.
I started to realize the simplicity in the bike I had. It required nothing more than what was necessary to run: frame, engine, wheels, forks, carbs, and exhaust.
When problems started arising from old age and just plain ‘ole first timer abuse, it gave me the opportunity to repair her myself. Giving the knowledge of basic motorcycle mechanics, and teaching responsibility and appreciation.
I could spend an afternoon, or a late night, scouring the web for endless information on this machine.

The more that needed fixing, the more I wanted to repair and improve upon what was broken. Seeing the beauty in restoration. Rather than just purchasing a new model and never learning a thing.

Built not bought.